Today game over, Asia market crashed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by innovest_11, Dec 19, 2006.

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    what eom?
  3. eom = end of muppet.
  4. reports many asian stock market index values are about 0.5 to 3 % less than previous closing value. reports european stock market index values are about 0.5 to 1 % less also.

    The index value fluctuations appear large but not hysterically large to me.
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  6. Well, the sensex pullback is really quite overdue, and I would expect it to go lower. Good buying oppty in a few weeks once the dust settles, probably.

    China though keeps rolling. I would expect massive movement into china funds after the first of the year. Heck, they are even front running it now.
  7. Not a doubt in my mind.:D
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    China's really the only one I watch. Yesterday's dump was scary, but I held on and so far tonite it's all back... it should close up.

    A few months back, I bought a little china mutual fund from Oberweis. I thought it was interesting because it's run by the owner, James Oberweis, himself (obchx). I prefer to buy actual funds for International stocks because I don't know enough about the individual stocks to trust many ETFs (cept ADRE), and I haven't always done well in China stocks (I was in airlines), relatively speaking. I still have one relative dog with potential, LNVGY (bought IBM's Thinkpad last year), but that's it.

    The fund has taken off like a ROCKET. It's 1 year so far is 74% return, which is quite good for a mutual fund with fees. It's getting scary tho, my mom even hopped in on it today due to the Hang Seng dip, even after I told her it was probably too high to buy right now and to wait for a bigger pullback. Unless China gets it's money devalued (not looking so likely right now), I think it's better than most of the other international out there.

    As for China crashing? I seriously don't see that happening soon.
  9. GO NQ/ES/ER2/YM $$$

    up nicely to start the evening off just right!
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    Till the time Dow and Nasdaq are holding, the world markets will not fall. They will try to absorb the shock of Thailand. But if Dow and Nasdaq fall, then there is danger of world markets also falling as big PE funds and FII will want to withdraw their money from emerging markets also.
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