TODAY - Friday 6-05-09 market analysis

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  1. They sold the unemployment news and made a doji on daily ES chart with a volume higher than average last few days. I look at it as a sign of possible retrace to 915 area. I went short around 940 with stop above 950 , target 915 ,:D
  2. So you think it's headed to the 200MA, which means it will probably test the 365MA. See ya at 1050.
  3. some times I wonder why I still look at the forums in this web site, when quotes like this shows up. or some one might need to make another web site and name it ' ellite paper-trader ' so all of this garbage responses can go there.
  4. No need to get butt hurt. I just thought I would make a comment so you would have at least one before the thread is moved to chit chat. But thanks for your in depth 05-Jun-2009 "analysis." Some may mistake it for just another random prediction (to go with the other 100 or so posted in the last month), but I see the beauty in its simplicity. Have a nice day. :D
  5. Yeah because if im buying a bunch of businesses and I look at all their prices and see a doji, im going to offer much less because that makes sense!

    Technical analysis is such BS. I saw someone on another message board post how a stock just starting to break out and they posted a chart with lines that really looked good to everyone on that board. Then i drew my own lines and showed it was going to break out the other way. By coincidence it went the way I drew it. TA is all 50/50 You can draw lines look at candles, and MAs all day long. Your chances with TA are always half chance and TA only works in hindsight...never in real time.
  6. It think this forum is about trading and trading is all about the predictions. all I was saying was just a trade with a very clear stop and target price considering todays price action. can go wrong or hit my target, like every other trade.
    You , instead of making fun of other people here, can easily say NO that is not a good trade because of your reasons and I can benefit and improve my trading with your and other traders comments. However making fun and humiliating the ideas will not help me nor any body who reads these forums. Have a wonderful weekend
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    Fundamental analysis get things wrong at least as much. Fact is most market analysis is BS, technical or fundamental.

    There are a lot of lazy ass people in the chartist group though, I will give you that.
  8. I'm long at 940, target 980, stop at 930.

    +-*/ Math_Wiz
  9. I'm 30% long, 70% cash. I think the market will plunge soon with the top at S&P 950. The way I'm positioned though, I don't care where it goes. :D