today ES up on bad news, and down on good news? how to interpret?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by leontancfa, Aug 28, 2009.


    weird. 8:30's news is lower than expectation, and 9:55's is better than expectation. and the price moved up at the earlier news and down at the latter news.

    how should I interpret news? any insight on that?
  2. Lucrum


    For relatively ST trading you don't, let the market movers and shakers do the interpreting. Your just trying to ride their coat tails anyway. So it's their reaction that your interested in, IMO anyway.
  3. don't try to never makes sense. just go with the flow dude
  4. Exactly. Unless your specific niche is news trading, you shouldnt care really at all what the numbers are, only how the mkt reacts to those numbers.

  5. Interpretation: Stay away. This market's dead for the time being.

    International markets aren't acting much better, either. They're stuck waiting for some 'catalyst', in order to break one way or the other. Asia didn't confirm latest S&P high. Maybe that's where it'll crack 1st. Wait 'n see.

    In the meantime go to the beach!