Today, Bolgna, Italy = Kitty Hawk, NC

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  1. even when it will be universaly confirmed and known worldwide, the skeptics will continue to spread and hype their "concerns" "healthy skepticism", "care for a human race", "deep worrying" and other beautiful feelings.

    i can guarantee ya, when it will be available, those who oppose this technology and fight against it with anger, fear, and mad eyes, will be the first to actually use it.
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    Why don't you get Intrade to list a futures contract on this Cold Fusion concept? They already trade a contract on a different (competitor) fusion based generator (LINK HERE) You could support Andrea Rossi and make a huge profit for yourself, trading these futures. But first you need to convince Intrade to list them.
  3. Previously, the inventor (Rossi) claimed success at a large scale plant in Florida. "The plant" turned out to be a modest suburban residence.
  4. That's not what your link says.

    What your link actually says is nobody has been allowed to get a close look at the equipment or talk to the people running the "experiment".

    This is a scam, run by a jailbird.
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    And three years later, looks like the "anger, fear and mad eyes" are spot on.