Today Bernanke ended Romney's campaign.

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  1. We will make new highs in the Dow, removing the very last prop for Romney: that he's pro-business.

    Goodbye, Romney.
  2. It's for the best, really. Given what is coming in the economy over the next 4 years, better that it come crashing down on Obama's head. As Prechter recently said in a newsletter, with what is looming in 2013-2016, vote for whichever candidate you like the least. :D
  3. That dang Ben... such a patriot.......he's going to save the country in spite of Obamer.:cool:
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    Going to wait till it all comes crashing down, wait two years, and buy real estate like a madman with cash. We are just setting up for a Global Depression. Need a President that has some balls, heavy sales tax of any foreign made or parts with product. Reduce corporate taxes to 5%.

    Make a foreign made toaster $500, betcha companies start making factories.
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    As I said in another thread (which got ruined by some idiot troll):

    As much as I was against TARP, I can understand how they'd rationalize that during an election year, considering the circumstances. And Obama and McCain both supported it, so it wasn't much of an election issue.

    But in a year when the Dow & S&P are up well over 10% to date...QE3 gets announced within 2 months of an election...jacking up stocks even more?

    That's why they don't even make movies like "Wag the Dog" any more. Truth is stranger than fiction.
  6. I thought it is a sign they think Obama will lose. They are trying to do one last bout of QE before Romney is in.
  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Oh? And what will $4.50 gas do for Obama? You think the majority of the people care for that or new highs in the Dow?
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    I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it's interesting that oil hasn't risen nearly as much as stocks have since both bottomed out this summer.

    Oil/stocks have been positively correlated for a long time, but especially since about 2004.

    All the major indexes are at new highs, while oil is considerably lower than it was in March/April. Any good reasons why? Please don't say it's a lack of "evil" oil speculators.

    I wonder if we'll see a sudden surge in oil/gas prices once the election is over...

    While most of the masses aren't invested in stocks, the Obamabots love to point out how stocks have risen since he took office. I'd like to see what stocks would've done minus the mark-to-mark accounting change, constant zero interest rates (which wasn't even true under Bush) + all the QE. The Dow 4000 doomsayers probably would probably be vindicated by now.
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    Today's fed decision was the most blatantly political one in its history. All Ben had to do is wait 1.5 months until after the election to launch QE3. Its is not even QE3 - it is basically a threat. He is basically saying go out and buy stocks, commodities, and real estate otherwise you're money will be worthless. And yeah, he pretty much guaranteed his boss's election victory.
  10. Romney screwed himself when he said he was going to fire Bernanke if elected. The Bernank likey his job. The Bernank want to keep his job. What's that saying about no good deed going unpunished?
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