Today 10/24/2008 is it. The mother of all selloffs

Discussion in 'Trading' started by oktiri, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. with Capitulation @ the end. Bloodbath.
    I had a hard time believing Nouriel Roubini could be true. he's is
  2. it fully appears obama will win!!! :eek:

  3. not funny. lots of people are losing their shirts.
  4. I'm inclined to agree. I think this is death day.
  5. I agree......his election will not be funny at all!!! :p

    "Just the facts maam......just the facts!" :D
  6. Anyone know the RTH circuit breakers for ES and YM offhand?
  7. Dood, asking questions like this in a public forum are like putting a lightning rod on your head in a thunder storm.

    If you're trading these instruments you should already know this information. It's all available on the exchanges' web sites.
  8. Very funny. We have finally achieved the complete "sheep" mode.

    We need Caligula.
  9. There are people out there who still have their shirts?
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