Toby Crabels " Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and ORB"

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  1. acrary


    The value of Toby's work is not in the output, it is in the process.
    Inside days, outside days, wide range days, ORB, ORBP, etc. are just some of the ideas generated from the methods he used to perform tests on various markets. The true value of the book is how he found the value of an inside day, how he developed insights into what an inside day means in a trending market, how he determined that an ORB with no strong movement leads to a rangebound day. Those that are looking for a buy at x after a NR7 day are going to be disappointed. Those looking for a methodology to test ideas of their own are going to find the book is well worth $500+.
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  2. Toloquan


    I absolutely agree with prev. post. I have been trading these indicators for about 18 months or so and they WORK! I have built scanning programs to find these stocks on daily basis and track them regularly. Only one additional key indicator Toby missed was added to our scanning process to generate daily signals.

    No one Toby does not want this book to be published anymore.

    Good luck!
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  3. Aaron


    Yeah, it's an interesting topic. There have been a couple books published on behavioral finance lately. Go to and search for "behavioral finance" to get the titles.

    Most of the behavioral finance books give examples relating to errors investors make with their long term holdings, but the same foibles can be profited from on shorter time periods.
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  4. Hendrix


    I completely agree with what acrary says, but in terms of "trading methods" as you describe them, a number of them have been duplicated or adapted by, for example, LBR in Street Smarts, and Gary Smith in his day-trading book, the name of which escapes me for the moment.
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  5. Anyone having a copy of the Crabel book better hang on to it as
    the price appears to keep on increasing.

    As for me, I want to share the knowledge so my copy is for sale. :D

    The book is in good condition, most of the real important facts have already been highlighted with a marker for easy reading.

    US $ 500 too much ?

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  6. I got a copy for freee

    I got a copy for freee

    I got a copy for freee

    Har har har...
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    Tried to get this through an interlibrary loan by way of my local library. This started about 6 weeks ago. They did manage to find one but the library that had it wouldn't lend it out. :( Oh, well. Seriously considering breaking into Toby's house to "borrow" a copy. .........................Kidding. :D
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    I looked at the prices of those offered in amazon marketplace. Does anyone really pay these sums?

    I decided to put my copy into a safe...... (lol)


    Bernd Kuerbs
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  9. i will buy for $1 more than whatever LongShot is willing to pay :D
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    Couldn't someone just pdf it and do us all a favour?
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