Toby Crabels " Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and ORB"

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  1. DblArrow


    There is this building in most cities in this country called the library.:D

    They will do what is called an "Interlibrary Loan".:eek:

    I have recieved this book and numerous others via this method.:)

    Make 'em pretty, Chris
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  2. gaj


    most of the crabel books that are in the libraries around the country are not available anymore. they are 'lost' or other things like that.

    i think there are about 4 that actually *have* the book; the rest that claim they have it are lost, or out for a year, etc.
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  3. Anyone live in DC? Just checked the library of congress and they have two copies. :) Problem is both are checked out, one is overdue.:(
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  4. Aaron


    I've made a better percentage return on the purchase of the Crabel book than in trading any of the strategies in the book. Although at this point it is all just paper profit (excuse the pun) because I haven't closed out my position. I'm still long a Crabel. :)

    If it was Toby Crabel's goal to restrict the distribution of his strategies by not reprinting the book, it probably backfired. I don't see forum threads on any of the other myriad trading books that are half dot-matrix performance tables. :D
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    Another hedge fund manager trading the orb?
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  6. peterhill, i am trying to pm you but your box is full.

    i want to buy your book. get in touch with me.
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  7. Aaron


    Actually, I've never traded any of Crabel's methods. They seem to work in some markets some of the time. All I need now is an indicator telling me when and where. :p

    Schindler Trading uses behavioral finance/sentiment indicators and intermarket analysis. I think the simple price-based systems are a pretty heavily mined area. It is easy enough to get tick or daily data and run all kinds of different indicators on it. You need to at least be looking at Tick, Trin, the dollar, industry sectors, or something.

    Are there any hedge funds trading opening range breakouts? I think even Crabel's funds have evolved significantly beyond this.
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  9. Mr. Crabel, the Advisor’s sole principal, began the study of markets in 1975. His trading approach evolved toward a shorter term time-frame and a reduced risk profile from 1975 to the present. The Advisor’s program employs short term statistical analysis of the markets with an intense concentration on risk management. The Advisor presently utilizes an even mix of short term momentum and short term counter-trend techniques. Trading is systematic and automated, and diversified over a 33 market portfolio. The Advisor’s portfolio is evolving, in that the Advisor continues to create new trading strategies and implement them in new markets.

    Mr. Crabel has conducted extensive computer testing of short term price patterns and is the author of the book Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout, published in 1989. The techniques discussed in this book and other proprietary techniques are used to determine entries into markets.
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  10. BTW, Aaron, I have a lot of respect for you and would like to know your opinion. You think that strategies looking solely at price don't really cut it today?
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