Toby Crabels " Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and ORB"

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  1. Do you really think the guy who wrote such a book would be withholding it because he is afraid everyone is gonna get rich? Market is so huge a place that no trader can influence it significantly. And if anybody ever came up with a winning formula of daytrading they would be trillionaires by now. Do you think they would care if anyone else could use their strategy?

    You can fool others, but you cant fool yourself.
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  2. dumtom


    Tobys book was going for over 2k last year and regularly sells for 500 plus now. Not sure why he does not wants to reprint it or sell the copies he has. But I know he has no intention of reprinting it or selling any of the hundreds of copies he now owns. Just another odd story in the book of trading and life.
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  3. just21


    Is Crabel buying the books back?
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  4. BKuerbs


    2k??? In that case, I would even pay the shipment...

    People are crazy.


    Bernd Kuerbs
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  5. Hmmmmm..I think many are buying the book, using the strategies and info, then reselling it to recoup their investment. Not a bad idea....
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  6. So which one of you guys has a chart of Crabels book price from low to high?...
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  7. Just21, I just went to the ebay auction and see that you are bidding too much. just come back 15 minutes before the end of the auction in 3 days and bid then. otherwise, you are just inflating the price (although the reserve isn't met in this case). but still. it doesn't matter that your name is the high bidder until the final second.

    Good luck!
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  8. Hendrix


    If you're not in a hurry, just register with Amazon second hand. I bought this book (although I had to wait about 6 months--just kept renewing the bid) for $120 about 9 months ago.
    Maybe the market has changed, but if you're patient......
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