Toby Crabels " Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and ORB"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Toloquan, Nov 9, 2002.

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    Sold my copy on E-Bay for $510.00 a few weeks ago:)
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    is this for real? it's so rare it's selling for $600 a copy? why didn't they print more?

    maybe you should quit daytrading and start an internet business Where are you located, maybe you could rent it to me for a day :)
  4. I think Toby Crabel's intention is having the opposite effect. He's doesn't want anymore ppl learning his methods, but just by not authorizing more printings, there is more demand for his work. I doubt there would be as much interest if his book were plentiful and sold for $50.
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    Is it really $600? I think i saw it on a website for like $100. It just seems that if there were so much demand he's maximize on the profits more; if not himself, some guy would scan the pages and sell it over the internet. Who knows, maybe I can download it on Kazaa or Morpheus right now. Does the author have the right to refuse additional printings or does the publisher have the right to print as many as it would like?
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    i've read elsewhere (and it makes sense) that the publisher wanted to reprint, and was turned down.
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    Toby own every single copy that did not get into the publics hands and does not want to sell the books here has. If you don't believe me then just try writing his firm and asking about the book. I have even had people offer to sell me photocopies of the book for $200 plus.
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    An auction ended yesterday at $310 without meeting the reserve. The seller did not reply to my email.
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    ok, who has the ebay user id swm92083 and just outbid me?
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