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  1. So what's the story does anybody have the real scope on this guy.

    I just tried to buy his book from the publisher and they told me that they can not get him to run it at ANY cost?

    They also told me that they get over 30 calls per week and that the book could easily sell for $300.

    I found it on amazon and ebay for $900.

    I am very interested in it and would appreciate any and all comments about him and the book.
  2. while crabel's book was cutting edge when it was published, it is outdated and not worth reading at this time.


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    The best price I have seen is $1400 on eBay. I think that is a bit pricey, since most of the same material is still available in a serials of articles from "Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities" [magazine].

    I agree with surfer that a lot of the material is dated, though some of the ideas are good. I don't think there are any secrets or magic formulas.
  4. agreed...someone on this board almost 3/4 of a year ago sent me over 14 pdf doc's of Crabels articles and reprints from his if I can only remember which computer their on and get them on Ebay..maybe I can make some

    eurextrdr - :D
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    $1400 ??!!!! I think I've seen them go on Ebay for about $300 - $400. I bot the orginal when it came out for $90. If someone wants to buy mine for $1400, it's theirs! Free shipping, too!!!!!!!

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    So did you learn anything valuable from it? If its dated info, seems it wouldn't be worth reading, even if you could afford the price.
  7. i recall multiple pages of table data in the book.

    imagine paying $1400.00 and finding pages and pages of tabular data from the 80's !

    LOL !
  8. pspr


    I didn't find anything useful execpt a few things like the NR7 and NR4 stuff. Maybe I should study it more.

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    I think people will notice that price of the book went way down. Probably because there are lots of pdf versions of the complete book to be found on the internet. One of the most interesting concepts is the idea of the opening range and how it tends to be a significant area for the rest of the day.

    You say it is not worth reading now, I tend to disagree. Opening range breakouts or failures can still work imho.

    Other famous for using opening range are Larry Williams and Mark Fisher with his ACD system.
  10. I got the book's copy for free from a friend... but...

    I would pay $10,000+ for the book considering what I learned from it. It's not a matter of whether the setups in the book work in the current market...

    Most of you are discretionary traders?
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