Toby Crabel ORB question

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  1. I'm studying the articles from Stocks & Commodities mag written by Crabel and am stumped by something. He never defines what the opening range is. The article describes the process of calculating what he calls "stretch", that is the amount above the high of (or below the low of) the opening range that triggers a trade. He also speaks of early entry being withing 10 minutes of the open and referencing 5 minute bars. But he never says what the "opening range" is.

    Could someone with the book or familiar with his strategies answer this? Thanks
  2. mdmbud


    the book explains it in detail... Try to get it if you can, those articles are just a tease
  3. tampa


    The book is selling for a grand, and more, and you want the only worthwhile thing in it posted here? Best of luck to you...
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    "An ORB is a trade entered at a predetermined amount above or below the opening range of prices that occur in the first 30 seconds to 5 minutes of trading"
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    I don't think anybody knows how to calculate it, you just might have to call your broker after market opens. Opening range is always posted on the floor after a couple of minutes.