Toby Crabel ORB bubble burst?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by just21, Aug 2, 2003.

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    Has the market in Toby Crabel's Opening Range breakout burst? Currently $408 on ebay with no reserve, another copy with longer to end of auction only $200. Amazon are down to $724 though they do have an autographed copy for $2,400!
  2. ???? Is this software or a book/books or something else?


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    It is a book, was quite in fashion here for a while and the ebay and amazon prices were higher. It's not my copy for sale, honest guv!
  4. What is so wonderful about it that folks are prepared to spend as much as $2400 to buy it?


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    It's out of print.

    It has very good work in it, long cited by Linda Bradford Rashcke (sp?) as a big influence on her success.

    Bit of a cult following.

    Price probably down because of more people aware of the reprints available from TASC website for $4 an article which cover a lot of the same info.
  6. Thanks. I was simply curious especially never having read it.


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    TASC website ?

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    look like repo-man try to corner this market, he show up in all auction.
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