Toby Crabel, Joe Ross, and Joe DiNapoli books

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  1. If anyone is interested, here are a few books that I just listed on eBay. No need for any sarcastic comments, I am cleaning out an old storage space...

    I will be listing a lot of other trading books in lots of 6 within the next day or so as well.

  2. Ross is a complete w*****

    I woiuldn't touch him with a 20 foot barge pole.

  3. Why ?
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    the complaints i've heard about ross are he's a religious nutjob, and that he ripped off most of his methods from a couple of traders, then sold them as his own.

    however, his books (early ones) were a couple of the ones which finally started to put some light bulbs on in my head.

    it's funny, though - one of his books has a disclaimer early on which says something like "these pages are made of a special paper which turns white when it is photocopied".
  5. look I d not bash gurus but Ross is a complete shister. I have had run ins with him and heard from many people how bad that guy is. He's a nutter.

    I mean he has such great methods to trade all these markets....yet his results are "hypothetical back test..." So I asked him to show me REAL trading results with REAL money. He then went on a rampage calling me bitter and telling me to go get a job flipping burgers.... JUST because I asked for real is that?

    I think he simply makes his money selling expensive seminars/books and systems. Not from the markets. I.M.H.O. I do not trust nor like the guy at all.

  6. No different from the other bunch of snake oilers...
  7. i pretty much exclusively spread trade, Ross is wacky but he does have some good spreads that he recomends. Im pretty sure alot of them are ripped off of Moore Research but oh well c'est la vie. I wouldn't in a million years sign up for his shit, but his free newsletter isn't bad at all
  8. I don't know about Ross, but be wary of the ET resident snakoil specialists like Pure Tick.
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    any luck getting a job flipping burgers?
  10. ^^ No. Economy too bad. Omly hiring Ex Hedge Fund managers.
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