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  1. Is this for real?
  2. Supply and demand.
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  4. excuse my ignorance, but why would this book be worth $500??
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    I had two copies so I sold one on Ebay. A 10 bagger on a book :)

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    i once wrote Crabel and asked for a copy of the book. His secy wrote back that it was $300. When it took me more than a week to respond she rescinded the offer and said it was no longer available.

    Is it worth it? Probably not. The theories (developed 15 yrs ago) are certainly outdated. However, Crabel is my hero for having over $1B under management while returning an average of around 7% / year for the past 10 years.
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    The theories are great. Some of the specifics of the aplication of changed, but the books core, from my understanding, still forms the basis of Mr. Crabel's money managment business.

  9. Nice trade. 150 for 1000. Maybe you should trade books for a living :)
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