Toby Cabrel book is it worth it?

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    I ask this because on the Tao of Trading he admits when he wrote the book he was been beaten so badly by the markets he had to take a break and reevaluate his approach
    That doesnt make me eager to buy it, but I'm open minded
  2. I think TASC sells a package of articles by Toby Crabel on ORB. It is the summary of the book and is a very good low cost alternative to the book. I think the book has more test results and numbers, but the methods are all summarized in those articles.

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  4. worth what? how much?

    Don't buy it some crazy inflated price. The main points of emphasis of the book have been debated here numerous times (multipe threads on it including one linking to additional materail on the subject), the S&C articles which you can purchase for a few bucks cover 90% of the strategy or you can google it and find stuff like this:

    that sum up the basics of the strategy.

    If you want a book that is cheap and contains the basics then

    is a good read for the money.

    strategy doesn't work very well last few years but some of us have found some sucess doing the exact opposite or fading it under the right circumstances.

    hope that helps.
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    At $450 it's a bargain. If you're looking to plug in a formula and make big bucks forget it. If you want to learn about the process of trading off the open, it's priceless.
  6. Not that I support piracy, but the book is available on PDF for free. If you know where to look. Don't PM me for it.
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  7. Exactly Alan. Most ppl just dont get it.Its probably good too.

  8. I have Crabel's book. Personally, I am amused that it has become such a big deal. However I would not sell it for any reason. It has really helped me to advance my understanding of trading the open.

    By the way, the PDF that is available is incomplete.

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    All of the pages in the pdf appear to be there, from the table of contents through the last page (287)... what could be missing?
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    you guys have got me curious about this now. i dont read a lot of trading books, but i wouldnt mind a flick through

    anyone got a copy they want to swap?

    ive got some interesting titles if you do.

    pm me for details

    all the best

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