Tobacco Pipe Pattern

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  1. I found at least 4 such patterns on a higher time frame.I think big guys are smoking something pretty pure:D Check out your charts, you`ll find plenty of them.

    p.s. it`s also similar to the Big Dipper (The Great Bear) constellation
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  2. ...And the next one goes right after the first one.The pipe after the pipe after the pipe....Let`s see how it goes on january the 18th:D

    p.s. but remember, too much smoking is no good for your health:D
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  3. I don`t know what was next, seems that maximus trader is still unable to make a pipe draw:D
  4. Kubinec


    On the first and second charts, there was a clear TL break and birth of a new trend, so you don't even need to smoke anything to make out patterns. Trading should be ASimpleAP.

    Mind if I ask what are the symbol and interval?
  5. I have to agree with you, but it`s easy to be trapped when there is no mouthpiece:D

    Not at all.It`s 20 min TF of the Russell 2000 ''URTY'' ETF.I guess it could be found with any futures contracts as well.With common stocks it`s a little bit different.
  6. Kubinec


    Hm, mind if I ask what days those were?

    I've rarely seen any futures contract follow such a clear path on minute-based charts.
  7. It was 13th and 14th of january, but if you look even a few weeks back you`ll see those complete patterns occured quiet frequently.

    p.s. mostly overlap area..
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    I saw a monkey smoking a pipe type pattern once.

    Extremely bullish if you see one of these.
  9. AGQ is forming TPP now.Lets smoke it:D
  10. next was $1500 profit....hahahaha...:)
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