TOA Technical Olympus sneaking up

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. I see TOA sneaking up. It does appear to be making a rounding bottom on the chart. My understanding was this company is in deep trouble. Do you think this is a turnaround play or should it be avoided?
  2. Technically only. SHO stock, so something stinks. They don't miss fundamentally, because they usually have somebody on the inside.

    That said, crowded trade, something goes right, AVNR. I saw it too. Not enought vol yet.
  3. This is a very odd homebuilding company that has a lack of transparency.

    I am in the industry, and this name is obscure, unlike Pulte or, say, Centex.
  4. It is obscure, very obscure. I honestly thought it was a technical or drug company when I saw it on the screener.
  5. I think I see whats happening. Lots of put interest. Max pain is around 7.5. Is the price drifting up because of options expiration? What do you think will happen come Monday?

    Im thinking there is room to go up. Any ideas on this thesis? Too late for the trade? Im assuming that the puts will have to be covered.