TO tried to commit suicide.

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  1. I'm a bit surprised that someone who thinks so highly of himself would do such a thing..
  2. A failed suicide is the ultimate attention getter...

    If he really wanted to off himself, he could just blow his brains out, ala Kurt Cobain.

  3. what does TO and ZZZZZzzzzz have in common?
  4. Not to stray off topic, but there was/is strong evidence that Courtney Love killed Kurt. Long story to go into here, but if you google around you will find some interesting sites.
  5. FYI

    I sent TO a little note this morning letting him know how much i care for him and admire his never quit attitude.....Come on TO...If at first you don't succeed...try try again!!!! ( a couple shot of jack to go along with the pills should do the trick this time)
  6. Don't ever underestimate the effect that "natural" supplements have on an already unstable person's psychological and emotional state.
  7. Their both morons that are still alive....:D
  8. heard he was short 200 S&P`s from the 1300 zone..........
  9. seriously, is this necessary?
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