to Tradestation 2000i user.

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    I have the same problem but i notice you don't need to import your ASCII files into Global Server to use them.

    Just go to tradestation -> Format Symbol -> select 3rd Party Directory

    choose you ascii file and the data format and the chart should come up
  2. Thank you for good answer.

    But When TS2000i read Ascii-Intraday-format-data,
    TS2000i prompted at many times.

    When I change symbol name for intraday chart,
    TS2000i prompted at many times AGAIN!!

    It is not good solution.

    I want to convert from Ascii-Intraday-Data to
    TS2000i intraday format.

    Do anyone Know ?
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    Maybe you can try creating a chart for every symbol instead of changing symbols within the chart. This should do away with a prompting.
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    I agree. Also, you could set up a 3rd Party Directory list and include all of your commonly used ASCII ticker files. I do this for all of the S&P500. You have to set up each ticker only once when you create the list. Then when you select your stocks to view from your list, and you won't have to input the information each time.
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    Try to remove ":00" the seconds from the time column. Otherwise, plotting ASCII does not even work.

    I also cannot get GlobalServer to import intraday ASCII data work. It says import done but no data is actually there. No error message. No explanation. No nothing.

    TS also does not plot Metastock data correctly. All messes up.

    Let me tell you my theory. TS cuts possible support to third party extensions. This gives monopoly power to TS-support products for streaming import etc. More important, they do not want you to store/maintain data any more so that you have to pay monthly fee to them and their affiliates vendor to read the same old data month after month. They su*ks. :mad:

    Open your standard so that we can use them!!!