To Traders who are actually profitable

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  1. Only if you have been profitable day trading for 6 + months

    Do you think you could teach someone of above intelligence to trade your "edge" w/ in a week.
  2. Been profitable now for about 1.5 years. About 3,300 trades per year. I could teach someone the basics of what I know in under a week, but I don't think anyone could do it by hand. I've automated everything and my software puts on about an average of 13 positions per day. Besides, I wouldn't teach anyone anyway. It took me years to get to where I am. So why would I ever give it away?

  3. Almost any method can be taught in a week. However, that doesn't imply that someone being taught the edge can profitably trade it nor imply they will continue applying it correctly after a week.

    Just remember most profitable traders "edge" is also dependent upon other variables involved in trading. Thus, if the student doesn't have those other variables in place...good chance the student won't have an edge.

    The above opinion not applicable for those using mechanical or automated trading systems.

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    Would I?
  5. if you are of above average intelligence then you must understand that even smart people must toil and pay their dues... good luck to you.

    p.s. if u are really smart.. go to harvard ro mit and get an investment banking job or work at a hedge fund.. they will show you how to print money
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    "EDGE" is only one part of being a successful trader, the other skills needed are more cause for ruin since no edge is 100%

    you can learn to fly a plane in air in 2 days but can you do night landing after 6 months?
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    I call it trading not to lose

    Winners almost take care of themselves. It's the losers that really need all of the attention. :)
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    how long does it take to learn to fly a plane "not in air"?
  9. i could teach u in 10 seconds, buy high highs on a turn, opposite for shorts
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    here, i'll give you a chunk of my system.

    buy/sell tight consolidation breakouts or retracements of strong/weak stocks intraday.

    sell/ buy stocks that are really far stretched up / down intraday.

    now, if you use it, you'll probably go belly-up, and blow out either holding a 'strong' stock that doesn't act right, or selling a strong stock that keeps running.

    there's so much more to it than just that.

    by the way, the specifics? and the other chunks of my system? not a chance. it's worth more to me than a person could pay.
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