To traders in NYC or NJ area...

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  1. I'm currently attending school to be a jazz drummer. Dead-end street (like trading is for most). I've been swing trading equities and intraday trading FX for that past year, and have been thinking about changing majors to finance. I've been trading small size, but have been fairly succesful and show promise.

    I'm obviously heavily "shouldered" in jazz drumming and want to know as definitely possible if this change would be right for me.

    Are there any prop, arcade, independent day traders who would let me quietly sit next to them? I won't ask you any questions (unless you are okay with that), I just want to get a feel of what the day in the life is like. I'm not some obnoxious asshole that bought some Toni Turner books and thinks he will be the next Soros; I just want to see a no bullshit picture of what I would possibly be doing.

    I didn't choose to be a drummer without first going to the Village Vanguard, and it would be quite foolish to change careers with out seeing a live trader. Just a fly on the wall, though I can repay you with the gift of swing if there are any musician-traders (and I will buy you lunch and expensive Kentucky bourbon -- I'm from KY).

    Thank you,

  2. You are more than welcome to come and spend a day watching us trade. PM me we are located in Northern NJ.
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