to ticket charge or not..

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  1. guy's , help me please. if you were not yet set up witha currency broker, would there be an advantage to coesfx (ecn type) over the standard retail shop? also, charting is additional.

    i would really like to hear any relevant opinions.
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  3. No.

  4. not at all
  5. there should be NO fees, commissions or ticket charges when trading FX. email us to find out why or check out our web site.

    Only our matched funding program charges 1/5th a pip for our funds.
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    It depends on the spread they show and what they are charging. I am not familiar with their price structure. You are always paying a commission in FX. Some shops just have it built in
    to their spreads. Whats the difference between a 3 pip spread with 1/3-1/2 pip commission/ticket charge and 4-5 pips with no charge added on? You save money paying the commission!
    Just be sure they aren't ripping you off on the ticket charge though !
  7. Well the answer is no if you dont actually make money - so I assume the above posters are either square or not making good money.... All retail brokers (read bucketshops) go on the model that 90% of Traders lose (read Casino model). They will treat you failry until you start doing well then you get "black-listed" and you get treatment such as manual execution (delays), slippage and anything else to make life at tough as possible - after all you're eating into their bottom line....

    I would assume the COESFX model will probably start taking off when Traders start getting fed up - although since only 10% will get fed up - I wonder....