To those making 20% or more a year trading...

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  1. It takes longer than that. And there are a few other facets of what is in the picture.

    1. 501 (c) (3) board positions

    2. IPO (New) corp board positions

    3. C corp Board Positions

    4. Invitations to speak and be on panels of prof orgs.

    Investor deals come in two sizes:

    Some what to play day to day; the others want to have you make money for them.

    There is one classification that is really amusing. It is when only a small reward is put in front of you and there is a requirement of prior approval.

    Lastly, there is the "information" pooling type offer with the usual two reward facets.

    Currently, I only participate in long tail arrangements.
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  2. HUH????????????????
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  3. And not paying taxes by using long term buy and hold strategy.
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  4. I understand the problems of scale...
    But Warren has only matched the stock market last 10 years.
    Buffett is, first and foremost, a carefully constructed cult.

    Compunding 11.7% less 30-35% taxes gets you nowhere fast.

    Compounding doesn't really kick in...
    Unless you can get ** consistent ** annual returns up to the 25-30% range.
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  5. I average around 5% per month, not day trading, but consistent steady returns by investing in stocks, long and short using less than 2 times leverage.
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  6. And porno stars have bigger penises than most men...... so? relevance...?

    Why should you care what anyone else is making since it is not your money. Buffet can make 400%, it does me no good.

    Traders should only be concerned with their own portoflio and returns and not try and match or compete with random strangers. Makes you lose focus.

    Assume I make 30% a year the last 5 years. If you made 31% the last 5 years it makes no difference nor has any effect since traders are as indiviualized as snowflakes.

    Focus more on what you need to do and let Buffet's wife worry about her man's returns :D.

    Anyone who likes to throw returns out there and qualify them is trading for the wrong reasons ;)

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  7. I have kicked his ass the last 5 years straight.
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  8. Me too. Yet, he makes more in an average day then most will in a lifetime.

    Pretty pointless thread...
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  9. LMeyers


    Yes, it is a pointless thread because percentage returns are really not very meaningful.

    Someone who has made a 'phenomenal' annual return of 300% on a 5K account is still a very poor person living well below the poverty-line and would probably be eligible for Food Stamps or other state welfare programs. He would have been better off delivering pizza or even working at a car wash.

    On the other hand, someone who earns a 'mere' 30% annual return on a one million dollar account has placed himself in the top 1% of the population in terms of annual income (based on IRS figures).

    When you go shopping, you can only spend actual dollars, NOT percentages. :D :D :D
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    Who the hell wants to work for someone else?
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