To the software experts: WHICH SOFTWARE can help me do this??

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    I am looking to do the following- I want to basically create a custom format which is both a CHECKLIST for my entries and exits, but also a JOURNAL:
    1. I have a system with clear criteria for entry and exit
    2. The criteria follow a sequence, such as the first one eg. "are we in a Bull or Bear Market" is followed by a second one such as "is momentum up or down", followed by a third one etc.
    3. I would like to create a (Spreadsheet?) format which can do the following:

    -It would allow me to input (either from drop-down fields of from dialog boxes) my sequential criteria... each one has to be fulfilled before proceeding to the next... the purpose would be not to overlook anything. Kind of like the triple screen system from Elder.
    - By doing so, it would be completely clear (in the heat of battle) if a low risk entry was warranted or not, and when an exit would be indicated as per my rules... by doing this I hope to reduce errors made by overlooking something....
    -If the entry would be warranted, I would like to be able to then input the entry price, how far away the stop is, the exit price, the result etc.

    -Once all the inputting is done, I would like to be able to automatically output p/l, expectancy/ Dollar risked %wins and losses, also most common errors (from drag-down menus) etc., but also for example see the trades of one month, which ones were all the criteria were met were successful etc.

    I would like to look at one page and see all the statistics any time, weekly, monthly etc.

    So, that's it. i am not interested in pre-made journal software, since the input criteria are completely my own.... I researched, but could find nothing useful.
    - I would perhaps prefer dialog boxes, so each criteria that is fulfilled triggers a new screen with the next question which must be answered before proceeding.

    1. Which software is the best to do this? Excel or something else? I know nothing about programming, (quite a bit about trading), and couldn't program my way out of a paperbag...
    2. If this is more complex than I thought: where do I find a programmer that could do this for me?

    Thanks for all help!
  2. Microsoft Access...


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    ... will check it out....
  4. You may want to consider posting the project on one of the following:

    If you do post there be sure to be a lot more detailed than the outline given by your post here though.

    Certainly some kind of database backend seems warranted for the journaling, reporting and statistics aspect e.g. MS Access as per earlier suggestion or perhaps something more sophisticated.

    With MS Access, the entire application (including user interface: dialogs etc., reporting etc.) could probably be coded. It will probably be a steep learning curve for you personally to implement it though if you have no prior experience. However, I don't want to discourage you from trying. Some people have a knack for it, others don't.

    I'm perhaps not understanding your requirements, but it possibly sounds like a custom composite indicator could be used? That is, if your entry requirements are "all or nothing". If they are all data driven then they could programatically be pulled together into a composite buy/sell indicator thus obviating the need for checklists etc. Position sizing and money management (stops etc.) could also be systemized thus taking any thought out of the process. Before you know it, you'll be automating...but that is getting a little ahead of ourselves.

    It's difficult to add further suggestions without more insight into the problem domain.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you very much for reply........
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    similar to what spydertrader thread is doing, you may want to ask some expert in wealthlab to do it for you.
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    Just to clarify, I decide the risk grade (very safe or conservative, and safe- others I dont take) by a series of factors, but the factors are combined in different ways to give strength... basically, all I want is to be sure that I go through my checks... is quite logical, but am not interested in the automated approach such as wealthlab, prefer to do it manually, and just know that I am entering with strength and have not overlooked a factor such as divergence against the trade...

    I know every single criteria, and could map it out for a coder/ expert... all i need to tell him is the name of the labels and a function such as if A happens, then you need to look for B as the next factor... is a several Step process.
  8. Vienna, I'm using something similar: however I prefer pen and paper and something in my hands in this instance rather than digital.

    I'm fairly sure you could create a 'form' with Adobe Acrobat that would fulfill all your requirements.
    While there's no 'programing' per se with Acrobat, there would tho be a lot of pre-planning your 'form', then figuring-out how to create it with Acrobat.
    Answer boxes can link with Excel etc, a chart for instance, news page, tho some functions could probably be calculated with Acrobat code / instructions without using Excel.
    The final form would probably be many pages with possibly a couple or more sections and from scratch, will probably take you several weeks to complete.

    Adobe Acrobat 8 US$449:

    What you might do is contact Adobe Acrobat support or an Acrobat forum, provide a detailed outline of what you want to create and ask if it can all be accomplished with Acrobat.
    "The most comprehensive, popular and independent site focused on Adobe Acrobat/PDF":
    Acrobat documents can be created online, not sure if online provides for the sophistication you require, plus there are several other pdf creator programs, some free, tho don't know if they have all the features of Acrobat, but there may be something that will do what you need.
  9. Here is a picture of Algo work done in Access Software...

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    Thank you for the input!
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