To the moon Alice.

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  1. At this point i am neither short nor long but have to admit I am amazed at the appetite for risk this market has. Bad news is good news and good news is great. Where does it end, with the VIX at 5?
  2. The internals look crummy to me...
  3. I love 100% up room to go $$
  4. They look OK to me.

    Aside from the fact that there is a lot of selling into the rally :D, it's pretty much BAU.



  5. trademarks of a bull market eh? :cool:
  6. Arnie



    I say we dont make a new closing high on DOW
  7. Round up them steers!, Yehaaaaa.
  8. KS96


    :p somehow I knew this was coming :D :D
  9. Don't look too good to me...

    A/D NYSE 1774/1446 Nasdaq 1444/1535 TRIN 1.18 VXO 11.19 New Hi/Lo NYSE 133/52 Nasdaq 61/77
  10. Thanks for the knowledge a529612, whew, lets see you say that with a straight face.

    The A/D Line was @ 1.2-1.3 when we writing this. Apparently, anything above 1.1 is actually pretty bullish (it's currently at 1.8 and going strong.

    Nice little tool in the tool box.

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