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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by dbphoenix, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. dbphoenix


    Is "2 Bar Charlie "Live Demo" (Phase 2)" the sort of thread that Baron says we're supposed to complain about? If it doesn't belong in Chit Chat, please explain why.
  2. You helped put it there with your flaming.
  3. dbphoenix


    No reply, moderators?
  4. cartm


    Why not pm the mod for that forum and ask, as opposed to starting a whole new thread to ask.....and this should probably be in feedback........
  5. ..because he likes the attention
  6. take a look at thread in question.

    db fuels the flames by calling the guy names like "delusional" as well as others..

    then when guy responds in kind..

    and his thread goes to the dogs..

    db whines & cries here.


  7. dbphoenix


    Or you could just cut through the red tape and the layers of bureaucracy and move the thread to Chit Chat, where it belongs. Or to Announcements, which is where it should have gone to begin with.
  8. dookie


    DBPHONIEX is definetly a flaming fag
  9. Canibus



    Don't forget about his 2500 aliases:eek:

    Dat bamma be on da pipe 4 real.
    T-REX is da man.

    T-REX has made a playa made dough in dees last few weeks.
    You gotta be smokin something if you think dat dude aint 4 real.

    Yo check it. he got da best track record I done seen here on ET.
    His journal aint nuttin but da troof.

    play on playa

    Blaze 1 fo Johnny
  10. if anybody should be shut down its definitely this loud mouth!

    All he ever does is stalk people who trade better than he does.

    T-REX embarrassed him when he challenged him in the ego challenge and he failed to show up. All he ever does is make excuses. LOL
    #10     Dec 19, 2003