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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by William Rennick, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. My fellow ETer's, Baron and staff,
    After returning from a road trip which had me unable to post for several days I come back to a disturbing situation.

    The Urgent Message from Rennick thread has been closed. It appears that the fraudulant efforts of a vengeful rubberbird, using multiple alias's has convinced Admin. Joe to temporarily shut down the Urgent Message from Rennick thread until further investigation. Indeed, multiple violations of ET policy have have occured in that thread recently. The major violations include:

    *creating and using multiple alias's

    *openly promoting and linking to a non-sponsor

    *flaming, including very disrespectful attacks on moderators.

    These violations have been carried out by the ETer formally known as rubberbird/mr.rowshwanz currently using multiple alias's ( thorn, ghostzapper, beep1, and port1385) in a coordinated scheme to shut down the Urgent Message from Rennick thread.

    Admin Joe, I welcome your investigation which will prove that all of the violations where committed by rubberbird and his gang of need to be banned alias's. Long ago Magna told me what the rules were, and I have followed them to a T ever since. You are rewarding the worst slime of ET instead of banning the bastard. That thread generated nearly a quarter million views so far, and was a thread that ET could be proud of.

    Rennick out

  2. Sorry, Rennick. I have to move this to "Feedback", as it is not trading related.

    I do agree with you, however, and do not understand why the user in question was not dealt with. But it's above my pay grade. And incidently, it is not my belief that rowschanz is port or beep. Rowchanz has many usernames, but those two have different locations and do not seem to be proxies.
  3. Maybe rubberbird is using a cell phone for those beep1 or maybe it is just mind control. I agree about port, he seems to be someone else. Sneaky, slimy S.O.B. nonetheless. Did anyone catch how would was posting glowing endorsements and links to the "ball" when his real purpose was to shut down the thread.
  4. Rennick, you have my full support during these difficult times. Port is just a ducking trouble maker who should be banned ASAP. I have no doubt in my mind that the rest are Rowshan et al.
  5. The "Urgent Message" thread is a well disguised subtle bit of advertising for that site that shall remain nameless.

    Rennick has had similiar threads on ET over the years that were later shut down. First these threads seem about trading and they are entertaining, but are ultimately advertisements for an expensive pay-website. Multiple aliases are usually used which always seem to support Rennick's subtle advertising.

    This isnt the first website where this thread has appeared. It has appeared on many competing trading websites where they too were closed by moderators.

    Baron seems like a patient man and doesnt shut threads down or ban people easily. Look at Tim Sykes who was on here for months until he was banned and his threads shut down. Usually it takes an extended period of time and a great amount of abuse for Baron to close the thread.

    In this case, there is a large amount of evidence that I have presented in the following thread through screenshots:

    Why does Rennick persist with this "Urgent Message" thread? The thread has 200,000 views and if he can lure just 100 people to his pay-site then that means 20,000 extra dollars per month!!!! That is why the thread really exists.

    I have no doubt that Rennick will wait another 6-12 months and attempt to repost the urgent message thread. It will probably be in a different forum and come at a time when we least expect.

    Another good reason to lock the thread is that its long in the tooth. Does every ET member want to look at this thread constantly? Does Baron want to have this thread constantly at the top of this site? As a reader of the site, I dont want to see this site in my face everyday. If I were Baron, I wouldnt care to see it everyday either. Its not informative, it has no trading value and just serves to make the website more of a comedy club then a serious tool for traders.
  6. You are a fraud and have repeatedly violated the very rules you accuse me of. It was you who openly promoted the site and linked to it. Now you claim that anyone who isn't a flamer must be a rennick alias. You should be banned for being a moron.

  7. Im not the one creating long drawn out threads plagarizing calls from a pay $200 month website. Actually, either you are plagarizing the calls from that site or actively posting the calls to promote the site. You choose either option.

    You are in no way a legitimate trader, but instead, a snake-oil salesman trying to promote the pay site. What original trading strategies do you have that you have created on your own? Why bother reposting other people's calls? How about you answer these questions instead of talking smack to avoid addressing the issues?

    I think Baron is giving a lot of lattitude to you in posting these calls from the pay-site. This is EliteTrader not Elitereposting.


  8. Did you, or did you not

    1) post multiple glowing reviews of the "Ball" site

    2)Post direct links to the actual "Balls" website

    What was your reason for doing this? And why do now come here saying that was what I have done. Show me one instance where I have been in violation as you have.
    You Sir are a moron, and a fraud.

    Rennick out :cool:
  9. What I have done is treat your thread like any "chit chat" thread and simply regarded it as a joke. I have posted as such in your thread treating it like a joke because that is essentially what it is.

    Your stuff regularly gets posted into the Trading and Journals section when in reality its really nothing more then "Chit Chat".

    You are doing nothing more then plagarizing (or reposting) calls from a $200 a month pay site, subtly advertising for that site and not discussing trading in the least.

    Your thread is not related to trading, but simply a repost of information from a pay site thats a joke.

    Has anyone learned anything new from your thread? Is there anything of value that I can learn and take away from it as a trader?

    I challenge Joe or Baron to read through Rennick's thread and then ask themselves how that would help a trader. It doesnt, its of no value and reminiscient of past threads by BnB analytics and Timmay Sykes. Its a waste of our time and garbage.

    Now answer my questions. Why are you regularly plagarizing calls from a $200/month pay site? Why do you continue to do this over several trading websites until you are banned and then retry later on after the smoke has cleared? Your actions are very for my actions, I'm simply treating your thread for what it is "chit chat".