To the ES "PROS"-serious question

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  1. ES trading you think the ES generates enough possibilities each day to simply generate 1 ES point per day?...what are the set-ups and indicators to look for?...MACD level etc...what are almost "gimmes" for simply 1 ES point????
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  3. Seriously, look up Jack Hershey right here on et , and study all his materials very carefully . Within 20 years you too will be a "PRO"
  4. there are no gimmies in any market at any time. If there were gimmies wouldn't we just all load up 500 contracts and trade that one gimme a day....

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    Well, the quick and easy answer is Yes, it is very possible to make 1 point on the ES, every day.

    The reality of it is, if it were that simple...everyone would do it. And remember, the vast majority (90%?) Don't make even one point. In fact, close to 90% lose money trading the ES.

    My best suggestion, watch the markets, try everything you hear about on paper, read 10 - 20 books by traders who actually make a living trading the ES. Try to establish a relationship with a trader who does trade the ES SUCCESSFULLY, learn from them, and then practice, practice, practice. Watch the market, watch how it acts when this happens, or when that happens, or when it gets to this level, or that level...etc.

    Again, very doable...but even taking 1 point every day from the ES consistantly will probably take as much study, learning, and practice as, say, learning to successfully conducting brain surgery every day.

    I may be exaggerating slightly, but the bottom line is, Whether you want 1 point or 20 points, there is NO simple way to expect to make a consistant profit in the market unless you put in the time, study, research, practice, learn, apply, etc.