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Discussion in 'Politics' started by loik, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Here are several(listed to the right) lectures from the Atheist Alliance International 2009 conference.
  2. So I watched a little bit of it and the guy addressed the Christians premise of "complexity can only be created by design" (after making tons of jokes about it) by saying "thats not true" And the basic reason he said its not true is because Christians are using it as an arguement to further their agenda.

    What if i said the premise of "the universe could only be created by the big bang" isnt true because atheist use that towards their agenda. What would you all say to me? You would call me stupid for such a lame argument. No one did that to him because he decided to start making fun of "complexity" for 2 or 3 minutes and get everyone laughing. If people start laughing at something for a few minutes, it doesnt matter what you say, they are not going to disagree with you when their weak argument comes out for fear of being laughed at.

    Its amazing that you would think you were almost at a comedy club at one of these atheist conventions. People are not really there to learn, they are there to laugh. (not that people would learn anything true anyway.
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    The guy didn't mention Christians. He mentioned creationists.
    You watch a little bit and can't even get a little bit right.
    Why is that? Blinded by something? Religion for instance.

    So if he has a weak argument , what exactly is it? Presumably you are not amused enough not to disagree with him, so explain what his "weak argument" is.
    Let me guess. You can't, because like all creationists , you made the stuff about weak argument up.

    Yeah, it seems people are allowed to laugh a little at an "atheist convention". That's what happens when all you're time does not have to be taken up with a brainwashing indoctrination of untrue claims at a creationists meeting.
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    As I wrote, there are several lectures, several hours, not only three minutes. If you get the big picture, making fun of creationists is not a cheap shot, i.e. creationist aren`t really funny, just ignorant/sly.

    Watch the whole lecture before you criticize it!