to the 40% who voted against torturing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by abra trader, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. the slimy mrmarket lookalike captured this weekend, I say to you:

    may all 40% of you join sean penn and alec baldwin as human shields in iraq. Go over there, and save saddam from the coming bombing onslaught. saddam is such a nice guy, and runs his country well.

    You obviously dont like it here in the US, so goto iraq please. you'll like it there better. saddam is very popular in iraq, he got 100% of the vote there!
  2. tampa


    You seem to be the one unhappy living in America - perhaps life in Iraq is more suited to your way of thinking.

    You know, a nation where dissent is frowned on, where people who don't agree with you just disappear. Yep, sounds like your kind of place. And as an extra added bonus, I understand that they are into torture - big time.

    Don't forget to send a post-card!!!
  3. maybe you should wait to post until SPX hits 880 this week....

  4. I have an opinion, this is the stock market, I could be right or wrong.

    On the war issue I cannot be silenced !! You think ill let those idiot peace marchers express themselves, while we folks who understand reality and the destruction of irraq remain quiet??

  5. your posts make no sense.

    is your argument that lack of support for the *torture* of an al qaeda suspect by the US government somehow implies support for iraq? that is asinine.
  6. abra, my little kitten--

    if you're so into it, enlist and go over there.

    put your mouth where your money is. otherwise the rest of us will think you're full of shit (or too young to enlist).