To survive USA really needs to TURN INWARD, for real

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Ribs, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Ribs


    this isn't time for expensive foreign policy

    this isn't time for foreign policy period

    Bring the troops home

    Spend WAY WAY less on military

    f%ck russia and china and all the rest

    time to start thinking about citizens of United States of America

    Slash the f@cking government by 40%

    Ron Paul was right, dead on
  2. Doubt if you'll ever see it. Politicos have no intention of cutting back any at all, let alone that much.
  3. He was not right...........He is right.

  4. jjf


    US is a growing debtor nation requiring imports of raw material and energy.

    How can it turn inward.

    I would have thought that it needs a change of global perspective more than anything.
  5. Ribs


    that's an interesting post

    are you saying foreign policy is all we got

    if that is so, we are screwed ..
  6. BSAM


    Ah...Don't panic. Geithner's gonna fix us up here in a few minutes.:D

    "Close your eyes. Have no fear. The monster's gone. He's on the run. And, Obama's here."---John Lennon (w/slight altering)
  7. Mav88


    it would not matter anyway, americans are hooked on entitlements, cutting down the military won't solve anything