To some, Theranos lawsuit shows scary side of buying stock in private companies

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    What are the odds that you're AAAintheBeltway? Why not just stick with your original handle?
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  2. Did you spend the past hour doing keyword searches Sigmund Fraud?

    Too bad you suck at playing Columbo...
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    Thanks for confirming that. Actually it took about 2 minutes; when you repeat "passive aggressive" several times it a row it's clearly a term you've quite proud of so you can't resist posting it regardless of which handle you happen to be using. Then pick two or three other unique phrases and it's crystal clear. Again not sure what you're getting out of it, seems like rather juvenile behavior, although so is the middle school name calling so I guess it's just how you roll.
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  4. I didn't confirm anything Sigmund. I simply knew that you were so "worked up" that anybody would challenge your enormous ego that you just HAD to try and figure out which "right wing" guy you were talking to...

    Also thanks for confirming that the only reason you stuck your fragile little neck into this whole conversation is because you are a left coast liberal who has a real problem with anyone who disagrees with you and your "morally superior" views on everything...

    (back to the name you take no ownership of the "age-ism", the references to "not knowing how to do an internet search", "high blood pressure"...) the bottom line is that you start shit and then run to your safe space the second someone fires back...
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  5. "high blood pressure", "too old to figure out the internet"...Yeah, you're so mature, Sigmund.
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    You're right, my middle schooler is generally concerned about high blood pressure and helping people who were passed by the internet revolution. Of course he's a little more mature than your typical middle schooler, he doesn't make up names to call people and post under multiple handles, sometimes even talking to himself.
    Listen, you've clearly got some issues and apparently we've hit a nerve here with these rants about safe spaces and left coast liberals and lord knows what else that has nothing to do with anything we've been talking about. Don't take life so seriously dude.
    How about you go back to being AAAintheBeltway, and as it looks like he keeps to the politics section that's probably a good place for you. I'll be sure to remind you that you've forgotten who you are when you pop up the W.J. Feathermaker III alias on any thread I happen to be participating in. Deal?
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  7. Oh yeah, here we go with more of that "projection". I'm the one with high blood pressure? but you spent an hour digging thru a bunch of keywords to try and uncover this "conspiracy" that I am AAAintheBeltway...You really aren't that clever, Sigmund...In fact, I would have given you "props" if you were correct, but alas, you aren't.

    And no, I will not "stay away" from whatever threads you are participating in...Did that "trigger" you?
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    Venture Capitalist price a company, investors value a company.
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    I'd actually say VCs value a team, investors value a company. That's why they fall for the social proof of other investors who do seed and A rounds. It works most of the time, Elizabeth Holmes just managed to fool them all.
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