to save the USA and make it great again, people must abolish The FED

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    there is NO way out of it

    you can't pay the debt when every printed dollar has interest attached from the moment it gets printed

    FED puts US into perpetual debt

    this has to end
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  4. Good luck
  5. It took someone with the guts and determination of Andrew Jackson to do it last time.

    I don't see anyone like him waiting in the wings, do you?
  6. Who's going to do it?? Our broken political system who can't make a timely decision to save their lives due to bipartisan bickering?? The self-interested party members?? The economically-illiterate congress men and women?? Don't tell me you think there should be no regulation either, b/c that's absurd. GS would make us all their "bitches" in the market and trading would be next to impossible for retail types.

    Who's gonna do the job?? Mises is dead, get over it.
  7. Cicero was not above executing a few conspirators without trial and he ended up having his head and hands chopped off.

    His idealism and patriotism sounded great, but he had no practical solutions. This is very much like what you are offering, which is nothing.
  8. There really are only two choices - a strong central bank that comes with rare(r) but deep economic crises, joined by long periods of relative prosperity - or a weak/non-existent central bank where the economy is in a more or less perpetual state of chaos and grows more slowly but sustainably.

    At the end of the day, if the legislative authorities are unable to maintain fiscal discipline, it doesn't make one damn bit of difference how the currency is controlled, nor does it make one damn bit of difference if the controlling agency's books are open to the public or hidden behind a veil of secrecy.
  9. Andrew Jackson, in his attempt to close down the (then) central bank, generated a massive credit bubble, followed immediately by a very strong depression as he tried to deal with the problem he'd just created.

    He killed the bank, alright, but also killed the US economy right along with it.

    His history as an ethnic cleanser can be left for another thread...
  10. For that to happen US has to *really* hit rock-bottom.
    Serious daily protests.
    Fighting in the streets.
    People fed up with the "system" & saying screw it, I have nothing to lose!

    So far the jackasses in power have kept those days away & the population is not desperate.

    They keep turning on the heat on the populace little by little until it boils over one day. Then it's either martial law or "regime change" for the US itself.
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