To run NinjaTrader with Trading Technologies ...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by abattia, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. ... which TT products are required?

    Is it:
    1. X-Trader?
    2. X-Trader Pro?
    3. TT Fix Adapter?
    4. All of the above?
    5. None of the above?

  2. Thanks!

    I had seen that "connection guide" on the NT website; but it doesn't name the TT product required, hence my question ...

    Both the broker and NinjaTrader have now responded that it's the TT Fix Adapter that is required...

    ... so I guess that's my answer.
  3. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    To clarify, the broker must have installed the TT Fix Adapter. This is not a requirement of the individual trader.
  4. Connecting TT with Ninja Trader...

    Does TT charge extra for using its FIX adapter?

    I am getting quoted couple of thousand dollars a month to use this interface... Not the Ninja part, TT FIX adapter part...
  5. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    TT does charge its FCM customer for use of the FIX adapter however, I would not know specifics. You would need to direct that question to a prospective broker. NinjaTrader only connects to TT through their FIX adapter.
  6. Thanks Ray...

    Are there others using NinjaTrader with a TT FIX adapter? Are you guys/gals paying a (high) monthly TT FIX connection fee?
  7. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    No problem. I do know that NinjaTrader supporting TT brokers are not passing a fixed monthly connection fee. The cost is per transaction and its in the area of a few cents, but don't quote me.
  8. As far as I know, none of the above... you just need a license key and username & password for Ninja Trader. If trading live, you need a live license key from Ninja Trader directly ( The platform should work with TT data, but I like X-Trader more from TT despite the steep cost.
  9. Yes, I was recently quoted several thousand dollars a month for the TT FA adapter, which you need to run NT with TT. This was on top of the X_Trader monthly fee.
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