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    Yesterday Townsend Analytics operations implemented a change in the servers that affected a tick data for the Realtick.

    Townsend analytics changed the number of days of tick data available for the display on live tick chart from the 5 days to just 1 day. This made huge negative impact on everyone who use charts based on ticks with a period that require few days back of data for meaningful display of the chart, effectively rendering those charts useless (not enough data).

    I spoke this morning with the Technical Support Manager at Townsend Ms. Saba Syed. She told me that a few people complained already about this issue but she needs more than just a few in order to request a change from operations in the tick data back to 5 days. She suggested that anyone affected by this change to indicate that to the support team at Townsend via e-mail or a phone call.

    If you are a Realtick user using tick data now or may plan to use it in the future (you never know - you may need it), please help us to raise this issue to the level that may change the minds of the people at Townsend who made this decision.

    Please, give a call to the Support at Townsend Analytics at 800-997-9630 or just e-mail them at with a complain and request to change the available tick data back to the 5 days, as it use to be.

    I think we pay enough for the Realtick to see from Townsend Analytics improvement of service not the opposite.

    Thank you.