To quote His Hollyess Pope Benny 16:

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    To quote His Hollyess Pope Benny 16:

    Eye hoepe zat all and everyvone ist vell und, so letz go to zat vitch has gazerd all of us beefor zees electronik aparatuss:

    I hope you all pass an ethilically agreable sojourn. And it is then with both pride and glee than I wish you have had a wondrous Eve, assembled with your direct, indirect, immediate, extended families; in-laws and even the pizza delivery guy. Hoping that the coming year is all it must be, and this being a good wish and not a threat.

    May the great tortoise A'Tuin pour its blessings laying its eggs on your pillows. May old Sinter Klaas bring a new pillow as the old one will be full of eggs and amniotic fluids, and I don;t believe the turtle fancies you putting your heads amidst her eggs...

    I therefore profit the present juncture to wish you the most warm of all Christmass Christmasses, really hoping that you didn't get any lumps of coals in your stockings this last evening; although lettuce bee honest, we just might deserve a couple.....).

    I hope all get the gifts they wish, albeit for some it may not be easy, due to certain laws protecting public morality...

    y ahora bromas aparte...
    Que el renacer del Niñito Dios sea en nuestros corazones y cada día nos acerquemos mas a nuestra Epifanía.

    Besos y Abrazos
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    Loza, with respect to you, to what do you think about religion?
    This post below is not clear to me what you think compare to your post above. With this post below you answer another poster. I am just curious, not to fight with you.

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    social/spiritual awareness=good
    religious people = good
    judgmental/dogmatic religious people = bad