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Eviction DQ An Applicant?

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  1. I'm sure we have a few here.

    Do prior eviction(s) disqualify tenant applicants for you? If there has been a certain amount of time that's passed, do you let it go, and if so, how long?

    Just wondering because
    I manage my own and one for my Mom, we get quite a few applicants that have...well, let's say, colorful backgrounds!

    Here in WI, you can go online and see their court appearances and the reason.
  2. loza

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    "necessity is mother of all inventions", if you find a person with a stable job and eviction record, or a person with a job about to be outsource/cut etc and with unblemished record, whom do you rent?
    If you stupid with robotic reaction to the old ways of doing stuff you rent to the soon unemployed, person.....