To My Old Master: A letter from a former slave

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  1. They were educated all right . . . . in return they got their wages held back and were shot at.
  2. So blacks use that as an excuse to expect government handouts for the next 1000 years while committing crimes and fathering children with multiple women at an alarming rate.

    But by all means please continue to pull the race/slavery card. Most of America is numb to it by now.
  3. Better for us back then as opposed to today. Now they collect their wages from the taxpayer and shoot at us!

    I bet back in the 1800s when a white man was walking alone at night and saw a group of blacks coming toward him, he didnt cross the street to avoid them.
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    And, Obama's grandmother wouldn't have been afraid of black people back then.

  5. Remove the crap from your eyes and go and read the letter, or better yet have someone read it to you.
  6. Where are those folks who like to call out racists when you need them :(
  7. Then pack up and leave, your forefathers came here from some other country . . . . black people were brought here mostly against their will.
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    they got a free ride all the way from Africa and they've been bitching about it ever since.. damn!!