To military veterans here ……

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  1. I say “Thank you Sir or Ma’am”

    Whether drafted or enlisted, my hat is off to you for going and please know that I am grateful and indebted.

    Thank you and God bless.
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    my admiration and gratitude for those brave people is never prayers and hope for the ones in harms way now is constant and sincere....god help them and all of us...
  4. Vet here. But I flew in Navy intel planes along the North Korean coast -- thankfully no Iraq or Afghanistan.

    I feel really bad for all those kids coming back from extended deployments in war zones. Military and civilian life are already so different and most people just can't understand. A friend who returned from Iraq needed a lot of psych help, and he was a well-educated Marine officer, so imagine the kid who knows nothing except high school and war...
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