To make us feel better, billionaire proves they can be idiots too

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    I am talking about Jack Ma, not Elon (well, at least not here):

    Long discussion on the topic:

    Here is the full video:

    (time stamped when Elon is schooling Ma):

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    This is how you throw a company's annual party!:

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    Screenshot (424).png
  4. Fuck those self absorbed, poor in spirit and empathy, assholes. They sit there in their cozy little chairs, they have the tremendous opportunity to really do good on the scale nobody else can yet they chat about bullshit and worthless stuff, helping nobody else. What a bunch of cunts. I am absolutely convinced that they will ultimately be held accountable to much more stringent standards than most of us: "what have you done good with all the resources I have given you?"
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    Jack Ma is one of the most brilliant individuals that are out there. To isolate his sentence in a vacuum is somewhat limiting when you are trying to study someone. Ali Baba is not only a success story financially, but also in terms of how they reshaped the concept of customer service.

    He started Alibaba in an apartment with friends and still holds the record for the world's largest IPO: $25Billion. I highly suggest reading Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built.

    This video just a bit more justice to his business views:
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    He had to try the Chinese university entry exam 4 times. He tried to get into Harvard business school 10 times. Doesn't sound like the most brilliant ever. Not to mention a really smart guy recognizes when he is out of his element. He even says it in the video: "I am not a tech guy."

    Well, maybe then he shouldn't express his opinion on tech.

    By the way Apple and Amazon both started in a garage too.

    Do you like his 996 theory of working too? (9 to 9, 6 times a week)
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    Maybe he should not.

    Quite often, the most successful leaders surround themselves with people who are way smarter than them. It wasn't Steve Jobs who created the interface and design for his products, and I am sure that it wasn't Bezos who taught of every step when taking an online book store to all product comprehensive e-commerce site.

    I do not "adore" Jack Ma, but I do look at success elements of his success that made him what he is.

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    Here is another millionaire and great thinker (mentioned by many people in the reddit thread),

    “It tires me to talk to rich men. You expect a man of millions, the head of a great industry, to be a man worth hearing; but as a rule they don't know anything outside their own business.” -Theodore Roosevelt
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  10. Did Jack Ma start a company or steal one? China doesn't "start" anything.
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