To make the yield curve normal

Discussion in 'Economics' started by GlobalFinancier, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. This idea just occured to me.
    Huge budget deficits and tbond issuances will drive long term rates up.
  2. Yup. Current fiscal policy can solve this inverted bullshit in a heartbeat.
  3. And thats exactly what the holders of all those adjustable rate mortgages are waiting for...
  4. I'm sorry, did you mean the lenders or the buyers?

    One man's poison is another man's fortune you know...
  5. citrus


    I knew reading these forums would pay off. I bet no one has thought of the connection between issuance and interest rates! We're a step ahead boys!
  6. Thanks for the sarcasm. I'll take it. *bows*