To make a living you need at least 300k in your account?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by crgarcia, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Preferably 500k.

    Be aware that 10% of 300k is a measly 30k/year, almost a cab driver salary.

    Most active traders lose.
    Few get a consistent 20%/year.
  2. 50k in futures is all you need but preferably 100k.
  3. i only got 40k.
  4. you can find acrary's old post where he states that an average daytrader with under 200K account should be able to pull 200%/year.
  5. I can get 200% in a few days.
  6. you are not an average daytrader then.
  7. I am not a daytrader at all. I am a position trader.
  8. when i started out trading i was living off of my account at 100k for a while
  9. I guess it depends if you have money to support yourself (and familly!) on the side. Also, you start from scratch or you already know how to trade.
  10. i always thought that position traders don't make as much ROI as daytraders. your 200% in a few days, how sustainable is it? could it be +200% this week and -195% the next week?

    my guess is that for a position trader 50%/year would be a good benchmark. just like 200%/year is for a day trader.
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