To Mahram: An Honest Discussion about America

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  1. I am not an "America, love it or leave it" type of person.

    Politically, I am probably a libertarian.

    But, I see so many threads that bash America as a big evil monster.

    I would submit that America has contributed more to the world than any other nation, yet she is the youngest of all nations.

    Our problems are unique as far a problems go. We suffer from too MUCH choice, rather than not enough.

    Who would step up if America failed? France? England?

    Without America, we would not even have this thread. Most of you are using American built computers, on American made software, and American designed technology.

    If I am being arrogant, or misinformed, educate me.

    I am getting a little annoyed with all the America bashing that goes on.

    Before anyone brings up the war, that was the result of a faulty administration, not of a faulty country.

    We push George Bush back in office because John Kerry would have been worse. The lesser of two evils. The fact remains however that America is the most benevolent country on earth.


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    Care to post a link to your "book of facts"?

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    Just curious, when did the U.S. almost almost bring the world to an end at least twice in history.
  5. November 7, 2000
    November 2, 2004

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    Care to visit your buddies down in Talladega on race day while waving a Hillary/Obama sign?:D
  7. Hahahahaha. Funny Stuff, Pabst. :D :D

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    Well, that is the homework, isn't it? I will give 12 more hours to solve it. :)

    If there was such a title as most benevolent country, it would go to one of the Scandinavians...
  9. Yes, there is nothing like banging a hot Nordic blond in a thermal spa.
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    So Pekelo,

    How about that link?
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