To liberals: When will Obama "OWN" the economy?

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  1. To liberals,

    Obama's 5th year is in play...we had 4 years in the 1st term...and we are in his second term (albeit by fraudulent elections)...but we are in Obama's 5th year...when will liberals say, "This is the Obama economy!" I am curious...George Bush inherited the dot com bubble bursting from Bill Clinton (libs - you NEVER speak of that)...but the recession that began in the last years of Bush...we understand...when does Obama own the economy? Please note: I am not asking who was a great president and I am not asking anything else...I am simply asking, "When does Obama own this has been under his oversight for going on 5 years?"

    PS - I think they (dems and reps) are two sides of the same coin...neither has done anything to reduce deficits or the debt.
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    When/if the economy gets better, liberals will think it is all because of obama, even though just about everything he has done has been very anti business, when/if it gets worse its all bushs fault.
  3. Haven't you heard? Obama is in charge, but not responsible. Hillary was in charge, but not responsible. Congress is in charge, but not responsible. It's a great set-up. When all are guilty, no one is guilty.
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    + 16.5 trillion...and counting....
  5. Exactly my point! They are being disingenuous...Bush's fault...still?!?!...after 4 years...really? When will it be Obama's economy? LOL!
  6. LOL! Fast and Furious...felonies were committed...but, nobody was responsible!
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    And, then there was Benghazi. "nobody say nuttin'"
  8. You can't reason with cults. It's not possible.
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    Yes really, just ask IQ47. He'll tell ya. LOL
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    That's generous, but you appear to be unaware the deficit is falling.
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