To know and to act are one of the same

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  1. " To Know And To Act Are One Of The Same."

    Samurai Maxim

  2. Yeah, rubbish.
    The samurai were big on this concept, because immediacy is kinda important in swordfighting, but for the most part its doubtful they applied this concept effectively in everyday life.

    They, and various scholars, just wrote tonnes of stuff about it.
    You can know all sorts of things, the odds effective action is a consequence of it, is basically superhuman.
  3. Like most people here, you would benefit by taking a moment to "get it right".

    "To know and to act are on AND the same"

    Okay then hosebags, bring on the inane comments.

    I can only imagine the intellectual heights you folks will rise to talking about this subject.

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    Uh, "To know and to act are on AND the same"?.....Hmmmmm
  6. ON(E).
  7. Yes, i have read the hagakure, and many other texts at various points.
    Cant recall a damn scrap of them now, i think its important to realise these heavy-business end texts on zen/bushido etc, were "idealised" situations, justifications, if you like , of an overall concept, and largely worthless in practical terms, certainly for the average person.

    edit-thanks steve, that was funny. "E".
    Yes, to know how to spell, and to spell correctly are ........different things:D :D
  8. This is sort of like talking to mentally challenged children, except you know how to type.

    I am glad you aren't disappointed.

    Now if you have anything of interest to say on this subject. Go on

    Perhaps you will want to enlighten us on the subject of Zen Classics like Mummonkan or Heikiganroku.

    Perhaps you will talk a little about Katsuki Sekida and his translations of text surrounding the fractured quote you posted.

    I can't wait

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    If you agree with Benjamin Franklin "Well done is better than well said" then it's not the same since:

    said equivalent to know
    done equivalent to act
    better equivalent to >

    know is not equal to act because the word better is not replaced with = symbol.
  10. How do you spell 1 . One is that not correct. I now I cant spell but is that correct.
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