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  1. You want to know if I will sell something on my site ?
    You know it's not a secret for members: I have posted something about that when I opened the site. If you are a trotskist and against commerce just tell it it will be clear :)
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    As long as you don't spam and advertise for free.
  3. In what post did I make a spam ?

    As for advertisment, now it's ok I have noticed how shy you are here because of people just mentioning their site or mailing list. I even erased my website url in my profile: are you pleased now ?

    I understand that the commercials of this forum don't like any mention of any service, but as for the others it is just stupid because today because of marketing cost the prices of services is just 30% to 100% more than it would be without those marketing industries that take the most margins on others people works. I realised that when I have worked in food industries and see the waste due to marketing and packaging of food products. So people pay the cost of services at least 35% but more likely 50 to 80% only to cover those silly costs !

    So don't bother now, I won't make any advertisment but I won't shut up my mouth and I will say loudly what I am thinking.

    Marketing industries is just exploitation ! In my life I saw some industries broken down because they were virtually racketed by those suckers from supermarkets that ask them to pay more and more for advertising costs they don't want to support themselves !

  4. You tell'em Harry...hehe
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    calm down Harry, this is free speech country.
  6. I am making an engineering test to stress the system to see if it holds :)

  7. I am not a commercial so I don't bother telling things.

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    Those grocers are scammers, charging for shelf space, etc. Costco is one of the worst, making vendors eat whole shipments on a whim. Bigger isn't better necessarily. This site needs advertisers to pay for bandwidth, etc., so it's a necessary evil. And when some pay, it's unfair if some don't so there's really no other way to do it. If each individual paid a monthly subscription, then the members wouldn't want to see advertising in that case either. I guess you can always start your own forum and allow free advertising?
  9. There is a frontier between necessity and racketing. As for supermarket it is racketing. As for here it is not about racketing it is about the stupid attitude of being shy just because I mention my site since I have to do it to refer to my chart models and so on. And I don't post really advertisement but trading information. As to be unfair hahaha you know that marketing works with hype and image not really on content. So paying for advertisment is to fabric an image not to inform people. I don't need to build an image for the moment, when I will have to, I will have to pay advertisement. I already saw the cost on Google for example and I calculate the cost it will add greatly to the price of the service.

    But I don't post in this forum for my service, I post as I have always posted in past years so I am really sick of those commercials who are frightened by just a few posts mentionning links to some of my charts.

    I consider that if some services give free information it is not advertisment it is a service to the community. This is the case in most forums not here ok but sorry it is not for the good of the community but only for the commercials of this forum.

  10. It is also remarkable that Mr hardrock375 tackles me even after I have already erased all references to my site. So this guy has nothing else to do than to lose his time to make nasty posts. And as I hate snakes like him, I just feel like to make an answer.
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