To get to 6% Unemployment, 382,000 jobs needed every mo. for 3 yrs!! Wow!

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    Just grabbed this out of an article....amazing that 13.7 Million jobs need to be created over 3 years to get unemployment down to 6%, not to long ago I did read that to absorb the new incoming labor force that approx. 250,000 jobs need to be created, now on top of that you need another 150,000 extra jobs created each month just to bring the unemployment rate down. So here the economy is years later still struggling to create jobs, they have thrown Trillions of dollars at economy hoping and wishing to create more jobs when all it did was create inflation, asset bubbles, a wider gap between rich and poor and higher equity prices. You cannot force jobs on an economy, period, I don't care how many trillions you spend, the system doesn't work like that. I have been saying for years that time is the only thing that can fix the economy and they haven't given the economy time yet to adjust because of the free bailouts and trillions in stimulus, maybe if they let the economy adjust itself on its own and let the free markets play out then maybe we could add a job or two to this economy, but until then enough of the talk about creating jobs, the only jobs they create are artificial jobs!!!

    Unemployment rose to 9.2 percent, as jobs creation continues to lag labor force growth. Moreover, unemployment would be higher but for the fact that many adults have become discouraged and quit looking for work altogether.

    Factoring in those discouraged workers and others working part time but would prefer full time employment, the unemployment rate is 16 percent. Adding college graduates in low skill positions, like counterwork at Starbucks, and the unemployment rate is closer to 20 percent.

    The economy must add 13.7 million jobs during the next three years—382,000 each month—to bring unemployment down to 6 percent. Considering layoffs at state and local governments and likely federal spending cuts, the private sector jobs must increase at least 400,000 a month to accomplish that goal.

    Growth in the range of 4 to 5 percent is needed to get unemployment down to 6 percent during the next several years.
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    i don't know how that is calculated, but welcome to living in the trough of a cycle. our prior generation dealt w/ wars, and depression. it's just time for this generation to get what's theirs.

    no more 8-10 year kids w/ the coolest gadgets anymore. time for people to realize hardships.