To get a job in NY or Chicago would I have to move there?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Akavall, May 16, 2005.

  1. Akavall


    I looked at Monster and I see that most entry level (most I can hope for) trader positions are in New York and Chicago. What's the likelyhood of me getting a job there if I live in South Carolina? would they just toss my resume? Is only way to get a job there would be to move there?
  2. sandy c

    sandy c

    i think the el's orange line continues on to western columbia, south carolina...
  3. wrzmstr2


    Why would you want to move from a place which has the best weather in the country to places like new york and chicago which have ridiculous winters. I live in new york, and I want to move to southern california.
  4. domi93


    NY, chicago and London are de financial
    center of the world....
    IF you have some cash with you, buy
    a seat at the Nybot (finex division about $6.500 last sale)

    build some relationships, learn the enviroment
    kick some ass and relax..

    IF you dont have Cash (30-50k)
    Then Go to any NY prop firms or investment houses
    and be agressive (not arrogant or rude) (remmember bud fox?)

    good luck.. (you can!! , just do it! you don't have anything to loose)

    the Rent in manhattan can be very expensive, but food,clothing,transportation and entertainment are are more expensive at Miami 4 example..

    NY is very cool, once you learn how the system work
    But the people can be very straight foward

    BTW, a Lot of smooth jazz lounge at dowtown manhattan, full of cool girls.. But, if you have a family, then move to south florida/south california.. NY is too rude 4 kids