To flatten, or not to flatten, that is the question.

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  1. kandlekid


    To flatten, or not to flatten, that is the question.

    Flattening the curve for COVID-19 means spreading out the infections over a longer period
    of time, verses not flattening, meaning that many more infections occur at a certain point in
    time. The unflattened version of virus management would probably lead to an unmanageable
    situation for health care providers. In each curve, the same number of people get infected, but
    not as many at the same time for the flattened version. I suppose that the unflattened version could
    lead to more serious health consequences for those infected, as the health care providers would be
    drastically overloaded.

    Flattening the curve will probably save lives, but it will also probably prolong our suffering
    (economically that is).
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  2. mlawson71


    Considering what is happening in Italy and Spain I'd say flatten.
    There is no economy to speak of if there are bodies littering the street.